A marketing strategy without an SEO-optimized website just makes no sense these days. Without clarity about audiences’ interests and queries, backlinks performance, and other essential ranking factors, a website simply won’t rank well on search engine results.

That’s why it is important to have an SEO tool to help analyze data about a website, find issues that need to be fixed, and make improvements. One of the best tools for that is Google Search Console (GSC), which provides insights about a website’s performance on SERPs.

Now, while it is true that this tool is great for any digital marketing agency when it comes to reporting to clients, it can be overwhelming due to its complexity. That’s why combining GSC with reporting software like AdClicks is essential for those who want to showcase their work in a comprehensive and client-friendly way.

But how do these two tools work together, and what are the benefits? Let’s find out what Google Search Console can offer and how combining it with AdClicks helps make SEO reporting simpler.

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free service provided by Google that gives website owners the ability to track their website’s performance on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Google created GSC in May 2015 to replace its previous webmaster tools in order to provide more comprehensive insights for website owners and digital marketers to improve their SEO strategy.

The 8 GSC Features Recommended for Better SEO Reporting

So, after better understanding what GSC is and why it’s important for digital marketers, let’s explore in detail the features that make it an excellent SEO tool.

1. Index Coverage

The Index Coverage Report checks how well a website is being indexed by Google. It gives an overview of the total number of pages that are being indexed and those that have been excluded, as well as any errors or warnings. This information is especially useful for improving a website’s SEO score.

2. HTML Improvements

The HTML Improvements Report is a great tool for finding opportunities to improve the structure of a website’s content. It shows any warnings and errors that can be fixed to promote better SEO. This report is especially useful for finding issues with titles, meta descriptions, and more.

3. Search Analytics

The Search Analytics Report tracks the performance of a website’s content on SERPs. It provides data such as impressions, clicks, CTRs, and average position for each page or query. This report is especially useful for tracking the success of a website’s content over time and identifying what needs to be improved.

4. Sitemaps

The Sitemaps Report stays on top of a website’s sitemap status. It provides information about how many pages have been indexed, any errors that need to be fixed, and more. This report is especially useful for tracking the progress of a website’s SEO efforts over time.

5. Keyword Research

The Keyword Research Report finds new keywords to use in content and optimizes existing ones. It provides data about search volume, competitors’ rankings, and more. This report is especially useful for improving the ranking of a website’s content on SERPs.


6. Search Ranking Average Position

Knowing where a website stands in search engine rankings is essential for SEO. Google Search Console provides an average position metric that shows where a website stands in search engine rankings. This report is especially useful for tracking changes in rankings over time and optimizing content accordingly.

7. Mobile Search Optimization

Mobile search is becoming increasingly important for SEO, and Google Search Console provides a Mobile Usability report that can help track any issues with mobile optimization. This report is especially useful for optimizing content for mobile users and improving rankings on mobile SERPs. 

8. Backlink Profile

GSC provides a backlink profile report that can help track the quality of a website’s backlinks. This report is especially useful for finding opportunities to improve a website’s SEO score by identifying spammy or low-quality backlinks.

GSC + AdClicks = SEO Reporting Made Simpler

Now that we’ve seen the various features Google Search Console offers let’s see how combining it with AdClicks can help make SEO reporting easier for marketing agencies.

  • AdClicks is the ultimate go-to solution for simplifying reporting, enhancing client communication, and driving business growth.
  • It’s like having a trusty sidekick that integrates seamlessly with GSC to gather data from various sources and transform it into a comprehensive report that will amaze clients.
  • No more tedious manual data gathering or report creation! AdClicks saves valuable time and resources by automating the process.
  • Want to impress your clients? AdClicks offers customizable, white-labeled reports that match any agency’s brand, leaving a lasting impression.
  • With real-time tracking and updates, AdClicks becomes the best SEO optimization ally to stay in the loop with the performance of content–impressions, clicks, rankings, mobile optimization, and more!
  • Easily identify areas for improvement and take action to boost clients’ visibility on SERPs.
  • And the best part? AdClicks provides a library of ready-to-use templates. It’s like a menu of possibilities, allowing clients to understand their campaign’s performance effortlessly.


Reporting Simplified. Success Amplified. Choose AdClicks Today

In conclusion, Google Search Console is a powerful tool for SEO reporting thanks to its comprehensive solutions to streamline operations, improve client satisfaction, and enhance overall agency performance.

When combined with AdClicks, agencies can save time and resources by automating the reporting process, freeing up their team to focus on strategic initiatives and client success.

To experience the benefits of AdClicks and the integration with Google Search Console, try the 30-day free trial with no strings attached or credit card required–and let us know about your experience.

And by the way! Check out this latest AdClicks production on how we help solve day-to-day marketing challenges.

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