I’ve been working on Performance Marketing for the last ten years, and now, just as much as back then, the need to stay on top of each account and identify red flags proactively is extremely important. 

How you choose to monitor accounts is obviously a matter of preference, budget, and technical skillset. 

For example, if we’re speaking specifically about monitoring performance in Google Ads or Microsoft Ads: 

  • If you have the budget available, chances are you can afford monitoring software, such as Optmyzr, Skai, etc. 
  • If you don’t have the budget but you have the skillset, you can set up Google Ads scripts, which are free, and you can find plenty of useful pre-made scripts in the documentation (and other blogs). 
  • If you don’t have the budget or technical skills, you can always set up automated rules directly in the UI, with the only caveat that you have to do it per account. 

Today, I’d like to review how AdClicks can be an affordable alternative to help your agency proactively monitor your entire portfolio with simple click-only rules and the additional benefit of having a full-fledged reporting platform for your weekly and monthly client reports. 

We recently launched our Performance Monitoring module to AdClicks, which works on top of our reporting infrastructure and allows you to create an advanced search for any criteria across your entire portfolio and send you an email (daily, weekly, or monthly) if there is any incident you need to look into. 

Here are three essential use cases that our clients are taking advantage of: 

Scenario #1 – Find Campaigns that Have Low Traffic 

Clients care about the results, and the most basic element to generating performance is ensuring the campaigns have traffic (whether impressions, video views, or clicks). 


In this example, we are telling the system to monitor all of our active portfolio, hone in on the campaign-level data, and then find any active campaign with less than one click in the last 7 days. 

How does our team use this?

Our service ops team receives a weekly digest on Mondays, uploads the CSV received from the AdClicks automated email, and then creates tasks for the dedicated account managers of each client so we proactively review the accounts in greater detail. 

The team is happy as they save time by not having to check all accounts each Monday, and they still have the peace of mind that if something is off, the proactive monitoring feature will catch it

Scenario #2 – Find Campaigns that are Spending but Not Converting

We have traffic as a baseline under control with the first monitor we configured above. Now, we can take it one step further down the funnel. If clients are, in fact, spending money, let’s make sure we have monitoring in place to watch for campaigns that may be accruing a significant amount of cost but not converting at all. 


In this example, once again, we are telling the system to monitor all of our active portfolio and hone in on the campaign-level data, but we are now looking for any active campaign that has spent at least $500 in the last 7 days and that has converted once or less. 

It’s important to note that you know your portfolio better than anyone else. Therefore, you can customize these alerts to monitor spending levels that align with your client’s budgets. For example, if you work with clients with more flexible CPAs, you can increase the spending requirement in this monitor to $1K or $5K, etc. 

Scenario #3 – Find Ads that are Disapproved

Even though the Performance Monitor feature is meant to find incidents around specific metrics, the feature also allows you to find incidents based on other dimensions, for example, the Ad Status. 


Our team likes to keep a close eye on the Ad Approval status for all of our portfolio. Doing so is very simple: 

In this example, we are telling the system to monitor all of our active portfolio and hone in on the ad-level data, then, we are looking for any ad copy that is “Disapproved” in an active ad group and an active campaign, regardless of the spend in the last 7 days. 

As you can see, filters don’t need to be related to metrics like impressions or conversions. We can also use the monitors as an “advanced search” mechanism that finds relevant information for our proactive optimizations. 

What does the Email Notification look like? 

Depending on your established frequency, you will receive an automated alert when “incidents” are found directly in your email. Each incident will be a row in a CSV, and the email body looks like this: 


The attached CSV is a regular spreadsheet-like file you can open with Excel or Google Sheets. 


What Alerts Would You Set Up for Your Agency? 

Our team understands the value of staying ahead of the curve, prioritizing the health of our client accounts, and delivering great service. 

AdClicks Performance Monitoring module makes it so that your team can proactively achieve the above, with little to no effort on a regular basis. 

These are just 3 of the many creative options to monitor client performance. What other monitors would you implement? If you haven’t signed up for AdClicks yet, you can get a free 30-day trial of all of our premium features here.

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