When an agency completes a full report and saves it as a basic template that can be renamed and used by other companies, this process is known as “white-label reporting.” 

Take, for example, a marketing agency with a portfolio of numerous clients. In this case, an agency that offers white-label services must produce regular updates on the progress of their work and other significant account details for each client.

Now more than ever, you can’t keep your clients in the dark. And to live up to the client’s expectations, you must act immediately and show results. A reporting tool or software can help you scale your marketing agency with fast client reporting automation and generation. Plus, white-label reporting tools bring all your data into one platform. 

What Is It About Reporting Tools That Make White Label Reporting Better?

Well, guess what? There are at least seven reasons why white-label reporting can simplify your agency’s account management and optimization. With that being said, reporting tools let you…

  • Integrate everything

Think of it as an all-in-one digital media reporting platform where you can integrate every account. You can also use templates that automate and gather information from various sources such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Google Analytics! 

Make your clients’ data come to life with instant graph creation, and forget about taking screenshots. Besides that, white-label reporting tools also allow you to quickly add important indicators to a report that you can generate in just a couple of minutes before getting on a call with a client. Say goodbye to the days of painstaking, meticulous and time-consuming white-label reporting. Excel spreadsheets are long gone!

cross-channel reporting

  • Enable easier access to data

What better way to analyze account analytics than through a reporting platform? This way, you can rest assured that you will be able to monitor interactions across all of your clients’ paid media channels. On top of that, utilizing white-label reporting tools can help you identify areas that need attention.

Accessible data is also a sign of a better understanding of which digital marketing methods work the best. Plus, you can fulfill your client’s expectations while presenting marketing KPIs to clients readily and understandably with white-label reporting.

  • Collect insights from various accounts simultaneously

A reporting tool lets you show clients that you’re bringing in numbers and growing their business’s revenue. Thanks to the ability to browse different accounts in one spot, you can view audience insights and demographic breakdowns with ease of mind from multiple client accounts. 

See all the important details about a client’s business’s audience, such as their age, gender, location, and other factors. Ultimately, these things lead you to a more refined audience targeting for heightened performance via many client accounts.

  • Estimate changes over time

A year from today, you don’t know if the seasonalities will need a similar strategy to that of the holiday season. White-label reporting tools give you a view with clear graphs that show month-over-month rises in relevant engagement metrics. 

In order to assist you in improving your marketing strategy approach on an account, you want to identify the best-performing times of the day, week, month, or year. In turn, you can demonstrate to clients how your agency’s marketing efforts have changed and adapted to fit their needs better. 

  • Report on real-time

A good reporting tool has live updates on account data. Maintaining a dashboard with current account performance can take time and effort, especially if account activity is high. Keeping track of every little detail while holding tens or even hundreds of client accounts for white-label reports is hard.

With real-time data pulling, you’ll never miss an update, and you can quickly switch between client profiles and easily keep up with their feeds and dashboards.

real-time reporting benefits

  • Qualify for transparency and a good story

Reporting isn’t just about white-label design and dashboard customization. It’s also about telling a story. Clients want to know what’s occurring with their accounts, and sometimes reports can be hard-to-read for them. 

White-label reporting tools enable storytelling for you to add goals and other notes for clients to understand in plain English what all the data displayed means. In a way, reporting tools offer transparency to your agency’s marketing efforts and keep clients informed of important account changes.

Take advantage of widgets, highlight significant developments, and specify precise instances in an account report where they successfully reached their campaign objectives.

  • Impress clients with personalized, white-labeled branding

Adding your branding with white-label reporting tools increases brand recognition and impresses clients. White label reporting tool options give you templates to include your brand’s logo and colors to brand each client report you send out. You can even host a dashboard on your company’s domain in some reporting tools! Isn’t that cool? 

personalized report example

Attractive data visualization matters, and white-labeled personalized dashboards can go as far as increasing your customer retention and lowering your churn. Overall, clients appreciate and trust that their accessible data will contribute to their most important marketing KPIs on a live, custom dashboard. This can all be done with the right white-label reporting software or tool.

Does Chaotic and Tedious White Label Reporting Get Your Head Spinning?

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