It’s no secret that having a strong, well-planned marketing strategy is essential for your business. However, keeping tabs on the development of your campaign is just as crucial.

One benefit of starting a digital marketing campaign is tracking what’s effective, what converts, the return on ad spend, and how to adjust your strategy for subsequent marketing campaigns. 

Here are some of the various ways you can track your digital marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

how to track your marketing efforts

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” before. This means you are squandering your money if you’re not tracking and measuring your efforts.

What Do We Mean by Digital Marketing “Campaign Tracking”?

Developing a set of metrics to track your marketing campaign’s performance is known as campaign tracking.

For instance, you may monitor the effectiveness of your display ads using a marketing analytics tool like AdClicks. As a result, the tool will record every action a visitor does after clicking on your ads, such as any purchases or sign-ups.

As a result, your campaigns will be more successful thanks to this data, showing how consumers respond to different strategies and practices.

Why You Need to Track Digital Marketing Campaigns

You track your clients’ campaigns for the same reason you track your own: to ensure that what you’re doing is effective. Here, we’re referring to online advertising campaigns of any kind.

Digital marketing tracking includes any online ad efforts. Keeping an eye on your client’s campaigns will give you a clear perspective on the following:

  • Analyze the success of the campaign

When clients spend money on marketing efforts but see no returns, it makes little sense for them to maintain doing so. You may monitor the performance of campaigns by tracking them.

The insights you learn from the data you gather will enable you to enhance the current campaign and develop a more effective approach for subsequent campaigns. 

  • Optimizing a campaign in real-time

The days of waiting until the end of the campaign to learn about performance are long gone. Most tracking programs today offer real-time statistics as the campaign develops. You can adjust and improve your current marketing efforts using the knowledge provided by this real-time data.

Therefore, if the campaign isn’t functioning as you had hoped, you can figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

For instance, the checkout procedure is most likely to blame if your cart abandonment rate is high. This allows you to tweak it in real-time to increase conversion rates.

  • Update your approach

The enormous amount of data that comes from tracking a campaign can aid your marketing efforts. After each campaign, you would have explored a variety of methods and practices and determined the most effective strategy to motivate your target audience to convert.

  • Establish an affordable marketing budget

Most marketing experts track financial data, such as the price of turning a lead into a customer. Your ability to create a marketing budget that reduces acquisition costs while raising revenue may depend on your ability to identify which of your initiatives is the most cost-effective.

  • Win over your clients

Everyone wants to collaborate with a professional who gets things done. You’ll be able to optimize your clients’ efforts and deliver the outcomes they require by tracking marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you can advise them on the best course of action to follow to enhance their landing pages, sales funnels, and other elements. You’ll get more recommendations and recognition as a result of this.

  • Boosting customer trust

Your clients will have more faith in you if you go above and beyond simply managing campaigns for them and showing a genuine interest in their business’s future. 

Speaking of customer trust, what better way to show performance results than through reporting?

reporting template samples

Tracking and Client Reporting Go Hand in Hand

Remembering the customer even though the campaign is well underway is crucial. You must notify them of what is going on with their digital marketing campaigns as soon as you can let them know.

Reporting is easy with a well-designed reporting tool. You can export dashboards, organize your own metrics in a template, and share them with the client. For example, AdClicks enables you to schedule automatic report delivery to your clients seamlessly.

And by the way, we’ve got a treat for you! Keep reading more about client reporting in our blog below.

Client Reporting

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