Nowadays, there’s a tool competition to get the best reports to your SEO clients. We can all agree that reporting isn’t the easiest thing out there when it comes to displaying SEO results all in one place. However, successful SEO reporting can bring many advantages, whether you’re a freelancer or part of an agency.

So, what makes SEO reporting so important? We know that SEO reporting tools can bring to light issues in a website that might be hiding in a dark corner. Not only that, but having a good SEO tool can get you results faster and show you which strategies are working and the areas where you need to improve and optimize. This blog aims to narrow down the list of all the SEO reporting tools out there and save you time and money while we also educate you to aid you in finding the right SEO reporting tool. 

That said, before we start listing our top tools for SEO reports, let’s first talk about the importance of choosing the right one in the first place.

What Does It Take to Find the Right SEO Tool?

Acquiring an SEO reporting tool is an investment, whether you’re doing a free trial or not. In the long run, you’re looking for a reliable reporting tool where you can have all the information about a client’s website (or even your own) easily accessible. 

And yes, there’s a sea of SEO reporting tools available, and they will all have various features. Because of this, you need to be in touch with your strategies and how you want metric performance to be displayed in an SEO report. You must consider your goals and choose from SEO reporting tools fitting your website optimization plans.

Keeping an Eye Out for the Best SEO Reporting Tools

Most, if not all, SEO reporting tools will provide you with website insights and more knowledge about search engine rankings. Common metrics found within SEO reporting tools include website visits, ranking, backlinks, keywords, URLs, etc. These metrics quickly define whether a website’s performance is good or bad. As a freelancer or agency, SEO services are known to push forward both keyword and competitor research to highlight more ways for website optimization. Other SEO solutions might offer ways to address technicalities within a website through an SEO audit.

Every website you optimize your search engines is unique, but there are some important things to keep in mind.

  • User Friendliness

    Are you looking for an SEO report tool to use yourself? Then, it definitely needs to have simple instructions and be easy to navigate.

  • Report Appearance

    Good SEO reports are all about looks. Make sure the reports display data in a hassle-free manner.

  • Optimization Features

    You also want your SEO reports to feature optimization areas and give you additional information, such as technical SEO tips or even keyword suggestions.

  • Adaptability

    SEO reports must adapt as a business grows; its website requires closer optimization in specific areas; thus, your tools have to be able to collect data from different sources.

  • Extras

    Think about all the other things you want to ensure that an SEO reporting tool has, such as competitor analytics, position tracking, and backlink monitoring.

In summary, the best SEO tools aren’t defined by how much you pay but rather if they satisfy your SEO needs. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite SEO reporting tools. Keep reading and learn more about the different SEO reporting tools you didn’t know you needed.

Next are our top 5 SEO reporting tools that can make your SEO reporting much easier.

SEO Report Tool #1: SEMRush

We can’t deny that in a reporting tool popularity contest, SEMRush would take the cake. SEMRush is a website analytics tool that provides insight into search engine optimization like competitive rankings, keyword suggestions, and PPC opportunities. With this tool, you’ll have information about your competitors at hand and detailed descriptions of your website’s performance, and other optimization pointers. This is a good way to start our SEO reporting tools list, as SEMRush is considered one of the most popular.

semrush monthly seo report

SEO Report Tool #2: BrightLocal

Next, we have BrightLocal. This reporting software has the whole package ranging from tools that let you find ways to better your website’s reputation, keep a steady number of website traffic and leads, as well as increase your website’s ranking or average position on organic search results pages. One thing that sets this reporting platform apart is that it focuses on local SEO, which means it aims to make a business’s website more visible on local search result pages only.

white label reporting dashboard

SEO Report Tool #3: Google Analytics & Google Search Console

Google Analytics is indubitably a crucial part of any website optimization. Yes, we said it. The data insights that Google Analytics can give you are key to any successful digital marketing strategy. Alongside Google Analytics, its cousin, Google Search Console, can support you in better tracking website page issues, troubleshooting them, seeing current keyword rankings, and more. This Google dynamic duo will help you get started with your SEO reports and make the most out of accessible website data.

seo performance website overview

SEO Report Tool #4: Call Tracking Metrics

As its name suggests, this tool isn’t an SEO report tool at first glance but rather a call-tracking solution for businesses. Yet, CTM has reporting capabilities that make it easy to include in any reporting dashboard. Some CTM features include phone number tracking, call management, text messaging and call automation, and more. As part of SEO management, call tracking is critical to compare SEO organic results and paid ones. Tracking calls with this platform lets you see where leads are coming from to report SEO success effortlessly.

call tracking Metrics reporting dashboard

SEO Report Tool #5: AdClicks

We’ve saved the best for last, as AdClicks keeps your SEO reports looking sharp. This search engine optimization reporting software enables you to customize your reports, gather data in one click, schedule and automate reporting, and so much more. You can easily pull data from various sources thanks to the platform’s integration from places like YouTube, Facebook, and even Google Analytics 4. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to send an SEO report with AdClicks since you can have one ready to send to a client in minutes.

Adclicks seo report performance overview

Now, You’ve Got Reporting Tools to Consider

In this day and age, there are so many tools for reporting SEO that it’s hard to find one that’s best for you or your client’s business. In this blog, we listed some of our favorite tools for SEO reports. We’ve talked about how important it is to look for reporting software that adjusts to each specific client scenario and reads data clearly. SEO success also depends on effective reporting, and we just shared with you options to take this opportunity to advance your SEO efforts. Don’t be limited to boring reports loaded with too much insignificant information; join forces with reporting software like SEMRush or AdClicks to improve reports management and data presentation.

Eager to learn more? We talk about how to create SEO reports in one of our blogs. Check it out here.

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