It’s safe to say that SEO is a great example that we never stop learning. Why? Because it is constantly changing, and it changes fast, especially when it comes to SEO tools and the data they provide.

One of the most essential pieces of information for any SEO performance report is the average position metric in Google Search Console (GSC). In fact, we asked one of our clients how much GSC influences their reports, and this was their answer:


But the question here is how to know that the average position presented is good enough to make your client stay happy?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the average position in Google Search Console, why it’s important for SEO, and the key factors influencing this metric. We’ll also give step-by-step instructions on calculating it and offer some tips on improving your metrics along with AdClicks

Let’s get started.

Why Is Average Position Important for GSC?

The average position shows how your website ranks in the search engine results for all queries within a certain time. The better your website’s Average Position, the more likely users are to click through to your website.

Google also uses the average position metric to determine your website’s Click-Through Rate (CTR). And again, the better your CTR, the more likely your website will rank higher in the search results, leading to more traffic and potential conversions.

Here is an example of an AdClicks Google Search Console performance report. 

Key Factors That Influence the Average Position Metric

According to various SEO experts, four factors influence the average position of your website in search results:

1. Keyword Relevance

Google algorithms evaluate how relevant your website is to a specific keyword search query. As such, your website must provide relevant content to the keyword you are targeting.

2. User Engagement

User engagement metrics like click-through rate and dwell time are critical to your website’s Average Position because they demonstrate that your website provides value to users.

3. Backlinks

The quality and quantity of backlinks to your website can impact your website’s average position. Backlinks from authoritative websites and relevant content are seen as important signals by Google algorithms, so make sure to incorporate those into your SEO strategy.

4. Content Quality

Google loves high-quality content that offers value to its users. Websites that provide high-quality content generally rank higher in search results.

How to Calculate the Average Position?

Calculating the average position of your website in Google Search Console is easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it in 2023:


A good average position number should be between 1-10. Anything above 10 is considered poor performance, meaning your website is not appearing as high up in the search results.

How to Improve the Average Position on Google?

Improving your website’s average position in Google search results is a continuous effort. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Optimize your content: Create high-quality content targeting your target audience and using relevant keywords.
  • Build quality backlinks: Focus on building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in your industry.
  • Improve user experience: Optimize your website for mobile devices, improve site speed, and make navigation more user-friendly.
  • Monitor your metrics: Regularly track your average position, click-through rates, and other SEO metrics to identify areas for improvement and measure progress.
  • Use a reporting tool that gives you actionable insights: This will help you stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions about where to focus your energy when optimizing for Google search results.

Make Sure to Include Your Average Position on Your Adclicks Reports

So there you have it! Now you know that to keep a happy SEO client, the key is to focus on achieving an average position between 1-10 and present it in automated, dynamic, and simplified reports–but that part, you can leave it to AdClicks.

By integrating Google Search Console data into AdClicks templates, you can impress your clients with data-driven branded reports that showcase your expertise and professionalism, strengthening your agency’s reputation as a trusted partner.

So while you work on executing the tips mentioned above to improve your SEO results, we put together actionable insights and enhance your clients’ data visualization and analytics experience.

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