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Simplify Google Ads reporting with customizable templates to display all your PPC campaign metrics. See what AdClicks can do for your reporting.

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What Can The Best Google Ads Reporting Integrations Do For You?


Track and Report Your Google Ads Performance

Find all your marketing data in one place. View what’s working and what isn’t within your campaigns and present comprehensive customer reports. You can make timely adjustments and enhancements.


Visualize Key Data in Your Reporting

Data can’t escape your sight. Never miss ups and downs when you can see it all. With AdClicks, you gain access to your key digital marketing metrics and Google Ads performance easily.


Create Customizable & White-Label PPC Reports

Design templates, explore themes, and adjust brand colors. All of this and more with our white-label options. Present PPC reports that are truly yours and connect with your customers with tailored solutions.

Google Ads Reporting Dashboard

Check out some screenshots of our Google Ads report template to see what it looks like!

Explore AdClicks’ PPC Reporting Tool for Your Business

AdClicks: Your dream Google Ads reporting tool. Easy PPC data visualization, tracking, and reporting.

Inside Our Google Ads Reporting Tool, You Can Find…

Automate Your Performance Reports

Inside Our Google Ads Reporting Tool, You Can Find…

  • All your Search, Shopping, and Display Campaigns
  • See all the devices where your ads show up
  • Location targeting at campaign and account level
  • KPI’s such as CPC, CPA, and ROAS
  • Conversion tracking for your pay-per-click campaigns
  • Real-time data syncing of your GA accounts

More Clients? No Problem

Our Google Ads integration allows you to add multiple accounts under your profile. Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, we understand the hassle of dealing with many things simultaneously. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to track it all under one umbrella.

More Clients? No Problem

Centralize your marketing data

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