Consolidate Your Lead Generation Reports With AdClicks

Connecting the dots of what generates a new lead doesn’t get simpler or better than with AdClicks’ lead generation reports.


Not So Sure of What’s Going On With Your Leads?

You’ll be surprised by how many digital marketing agencies struggle to effectively manage their lead-generation process. Oftentimes, the pain point is right in front of them, but fail to see it on time due to poor CRM’s and marketing reporting.

With the right sales reporting tool, it’s simpler to track leads, identify trends in customer behavior, and spend less time on manual data entry.

Don’t Miss Out on the Important Details


Centralize Your Lead
Performance Data

Capture and centralize the essential metrics like lead source, location, and lead value in one place with AdClicks’ call tracking reports.


Say Goodbye to
Time-Consuming Tasks

Switch from manual data gathering to automated, simplified lead generation reports and invest that time in improving your strategy, operations, and client relations.


Turn Data Into Better

AdClicks facilitates your decision-making process so you can create enhanced campaigns, maximize ROI, and optimize budget allocation.

Integrate Your Call Tracking Platforms Into AdClicks




Enhance your ad performance analysis with CallRail's seamless integration into AdClicks.

Merge call tracking reports and sales data, optimizing your insights and empowering precise decision-making.


Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with the AdClicks sales reporting tool offers a strategic edge to businesses by empowering streamlined reports enriched with robust sales analytics.

The integration bridges crucial insights between ad engagement and call conversions, enhancing data-driven decision-making.


Lead Management Reporting tools

Official Reporting Problem Solved For

AdClicks has been an absolute game-changer for me and my team. It has not only streamlined our workflow by centralizing call-tracking reporting but has also allowed us to generate custom reports that significantly boost client engagement.
Moreover, the automated data collection and reporting features have given us valuable time to focus on strategic tasks, ultimately enhancing our overall efficiency. In one sentence, AdClicks has transformed our approach to call tracking with its comprehensive insights and reporting capabilities, making it an invaluable tool for our business.

Velaria Nunez | Digital Marketing Manager