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The Marketing Matters Show is a podcast for marketing agencies that want to stay ahead of the curve about the latest marketing trends, SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, social media best practices, lead management techniques, and more.

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Episode 01

Marketing Unmasked: Secrets to Succeeding Amidst Uncertainty, With Jesse McCabe

During this episode, our hosts, Daniel Alvarado and Francisco Lacayo, team up with Jesse, from Solid Digital to tackle pressing questions that every marketing leader encounters when faced with uncertainty.

They explore how leaders can effectively motivate and engage their teams to achieve outstanding results during challenging times.

Episode 02

Optimizing The Future: Revealing UX, SEO, And AI Insights

Daniel Alvarado and Francisco Lacayo, hosts of our digital marketing podcast, join forces with Joe to talk about essential aspects of digital marketing like finding the perfect balance between an appealing website design and SEO-driven content, exploring the future of SEO as AI technology advances, and so much more.

The Voice Behind the Mic

Meet Daniel

With an impressive 8+ year track record in the marketing technology industry, Daniel brings a wealth of knowledge and multifaceted skills as CEO of AdClicks and host of this podcast made from one marketing agency to another.

Throughout his professional journey, he has orchestrated a harmonious fusion of Marketing Strategy and Software Development, redefining industry standards and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

When he’s not exploring the world of marketing, Daniel likes to exercise, and you’ll hardly ever see him without a warm cup of coffee in his hands.